Situation before installation


Massive encrustations out of hardened fatty deposits in the entire pipe-lines (approx. 300 m). Expensive cleaning accomplished only with high pressure (milling) and modest success. The deposits could not be removed by using 120°C hot water and degreaser.


Situation after installation


Durch den Einsatz des Fluid-Liner® sind die Ablagerungen weich; sogar entgegen der Fließrichtung, bis hin zum Schlammspeicher. Sie lassen sich durch kurzzeitige Erhöhung der Fließgeschwindigkeit austragen.

It can be increasingly observed that depositions of Vivianit (Iron phosphate) appear next to primary sludge pipes, heat exchangers and high performance centrifuges. This kind of encrustation is extreme hard: Armatures are not possible to move anymore. Heat exchangers can not operate anymore. The cleaning of the affected facilities is often time consuming and expensive.