Situation before installation sewage-treatment plant Langenbrahm (Ruhrverband)

Hard deposits of calcium carbonate with a strong tressing and a high degree of cross-section contraction, almost up to total clogging. The wastewater pump is turned off by means of a pressure switch. The pipeline has been chemically cleaned before the installation of the protective induction system.


Situation after the installation


The system was installed April 2006, approximately every two months ( over ½ year) checks were carried out. They always showed the same picture. No sediments, only a thin oily film can be identified on the pipe wall. The film can easily be wiped offAt the last control check, Jan. 26 2007 a thin surface film can be identified. The film can easily be wiped off. The optical picture is unchanged. In the top area the oily film is somewhat more pronounced. Nonetheless it can be removed with no problems. Until today there is no interruption or cleaning of the pump stations and of the approximately 5km long pressure pipeline

Control check June 06

Control check August 06

Control check
November 06

Control check
January 07