sewage plants

Situation before installation


Massive encrustations out of hardened fatty deposits in the entire pipe-lines (approx. 300 m). Expensive cleaning accomplished only with high pressure (milling) and modest success. The deposits could not be removed by using 120°C hot water and degreaser.


Situation before installation

Strong encrustations adhere in layers at the wall of the centrifuge. These encrustations affect not only the capacity and life expectancy of the centrifuge but also the interval of the hard facing. Even by the use of chemicals it is hard to avoid these depositions inside the centrifuge. Therefore the centrifuge is cleaned mechanically and chemically in intervals. The removed material is very solid


Situation before installation sewage-treatment plant Langenbrahm (Ruhrverband)

Hard deposits of calcium carbonate with a strong tressing and a high degree of cross-section contraction, almost up to total clogging. The wastewater pump is turned off by means of a pressure switch. The pipeline has been chemically cleaned before the installation of the protective induction system.